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Author Archives: PJ Westin

Trump’s Policy: Nuclear Weapons

A number of Americans are unclear as to President’s Trump’s beliefs on several issues. I hope to clarify that using only the President’s words and actions. However, the results are objectively horrifying. Read More »

Streets of Rage 2 with Kevin Harrington

I played streets of rage with Kevin Harrington, the voice of Higgs_B from Hadron Gospel Hour. Kevin was a great guest, and aside from an interruption from an annoying (but adorable) dog, it could not have gone better.

Episode #1Episode #2Episode #3Episode #4

Trampoline Terror with Evan William

In this two part series, I sit down with Evan again to play Trampoline Terror, a diamond in the rough for the Sega Genesis. You might notice a dramatic increase in editing quality; that’s because Evan edited this one himself.

Episode #1, Episode #2

The Lion King with Janet McNamara

In this one off episode, I sit down with comedian Janet McNamara. We learn all the secret dirt behind her American Idol appearance, and also that she is nowhere near as good at The Lion King video game as she claimed.

Olsen Twins:

Licensed to Drive

with Peter Rogier

Comedian Peter Rogier surprised me with Olsen Twins: Licensed to Drive, which is basically a Mario Party ripoff. In this series we talk a lot about the what it’s like being a comedian just starting out. We also learned why you don’t do blind play-throughs and always check your recording equipment.

Episode #1, Episode #2, Episode #3, Episode #4, Episode #5, Episode #6

Superman with Evan William

I think Superman for the Atari is an impressive game, years ahead of its time. Evan William (Hatten) did not feel the same way about it.

Batman Returns

with Peter Martin

This was my the first series I ever published. I sat down with Boston Comedy Festival winner and roommate Peter Martin to play Batman Returns for the Sega Genesis, a game I remember being much easier when I was a Kid.

Episode #1Episode #2Episode #3Episode #4

Another short bit recorded at the Comedy Studio around Christmas last year. Don’t really do this one anymore, ever since Dorkly basically took a large portion of this joke, but I put a lot of work into it, so I figured what the hell, might as well post it.

Another quickie from the good old Comedy Studio.

I’ve been living in Boston for a wicked long time.